Scharfman HE, Buckmaster PS (2014) Issues in Epileptology: A View From the Bench. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.
This book is a tribute to Dr. Philip A. Schwartzkroin, esteemed mentor, colleague and internationally-recognized epilepsy research scientist.  It contains perspectives from scientists who knew Phil and were asked to address critical questions in epilepsy research today, composed by Phil himself.  

Scharfman HE, Witter MP, Schwarcz R (2000) The Parahippocampal Region: Implications for Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases. New York Academy of Sciences.
This book contains reviews from participants in a New York Academy of Sciences meeting held in Baltimore, MD in 2000.  The speakers were experts in the parahippocampal areas of the brain.

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This book contains reviews about recent advances in epilepsy research.   It is published as one of the Adv. Med. Expt. Biol. series.

Binder DK, Scharfman HE (2005) Growth Factors and Epilepsy. New York: NovaSciences.
This book provides several reviews by experts in their research area. The topics include growth factors such as the neurotrophins.  Each review also addresses the relevance of the growth factors to mechanisms of seizure generation and epilepsy.

Stanton PK, Bramham CR, Scharfman HE (2005) Synaptic plasticity and Transynaptic Signaling.  New York: Springer.
This book is a tribute to Dr. John Sarvey, an outstanding scientist, teacher, and friend.  Reviews are provided by leaders in neuroscience who also had the opportunity to work with him.

Scharfman HE (2007) The Dentate Gyrus: Basic Science and Clinical Implications. New York: Elsevier.
This book provides reviews that cover the basic structure and function of the dentate gyrus and the role of the dentate gyrus in diseases.  It is one of the issues in the Progress in Brain Research series (Volume 163).