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John LaFrancois is studying the EEG of laboratory rodents which simulate diseases like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

Swati Jain joined the laboratory

in 2014 after obtaining a

Masters of Pharmacy degree at

NIPER in Mohali, India. She is

addressing the role of adult-born

granule cells in seizures using

the pilocarpine model, EEG and


Paige Leary joined the laboratory in 2016 after graduating from college and is currently conducting immunohistochemcial studies to clarify expression of adult-born neurons in animal models of disease.

john lafranCOIS

SWATI JAIN                                          



Karim Elayouby



Karim Elayouby joined the laboratory in 2018 after graduating from CUNY Brooklyn College. He is currently investigating mechanisms of hyperexcitability in mouse models of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) using EEG, and immunohistochemistry.

Kndeya Gebrewahed joined the laboratory in 2018 after graduating from Cornell University. He is currently exploring the role of the hippocampus in the propagation of seizures with EEG data in mice. When not in the lab, he enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and traveling.

Nia Boles joined the laboratory in 2018 after conducting primate research at the NYU Center for Neural Science. She is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and psychology. She will be conducting studies in mice with epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease neuropathology.