Cresyl violet  stain (Nissl stain) stains all cells a blue/purple color

Cresyl violet stain .pdf


Immunocytochemistry using rabbit polyclonal antibodies

Immunocytochemistry 1.pdf

Immunocytochemistry using mouse monoclonal antibodies

Immunocytochemistry 2.pdf


Fluoro-Jade B or C fluorescently labels degenerating neurons ex-vivo

Fluoro Jade B and C.pdf


Stock solutions has information to make buffers and fixative.

Stock solutions.pdf

Treated (subbed) slides are necessary so that mounted sections do not fall of the slide.

Treated Slides.doc

Storage solution (DeOlmos) allows antigenicity of fixed tissue to be preserved by freezing the sections. So they do not sustain damage the solution has a high concentration of sucrose and ethylene glycol which has a very low freezing point.

DeOlmos Solution for web-1.pdf

Procedures for resectioning hippocampal slices and processing after filling cells intracellularly with Neurobiotin or biocytin

Neurobiotin or Biocytin intracellular injection and processing.pdf